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Our company (Özdağlar Ticaret) was founded in 1970 by the late İsmet ÖZDAĞ.

Our founder, İsmet ÖZDAĞ, started lumber trading in the 80s after working as a carpenter, established a sawmill with his brother Hasan ÖZDAĞ, and took his place in the forest products industry by processing log material and manufacturing laths, boards, and construction lumber. Our company started to sell furniture accessories and duralite sheets in the following years and added Raw MDF, Painted MDF, Coated MDF and chipboard types to its product range in the 90s. In the developing furniture industry, İsmet ÖZDAĞ, who always attaches importance to innovation and loves his job, has kept pace with the sector by increasing his product diversity. After the death of İsmet ÖZDAĞ, who enabled our company to be established and come to this day, and also conveyed many of his experiences to his employees and many people around him with his exemplary behavior that could shed light on the business life, our company continued its activities at full speed with our experienced employees. In 2015; Both administrative and systemic revisions were made in line with the needs of our company.

Our company has taken important steps towards institutionalization in order to act in parallel with the changing and developing technology of our age, as well as to maintain our presence in the sector at the best point and in line with the goal of sustainable development and growth. Our company, which was known as "Özdağlar Ticaret" until 2015, decided to change its title and became "Özdağlar Orman Ürünleri" as of the end of 2015. As our workforce capacity increased in our company in 2016 and 2017, we expanded our staff and doubled the number of our young and dynamic employees. Continuing the investments we made in Van in 2017, we acquired our branch with a closed area of 1,100 m2 in the Yeni Carpenters Industrial Site in order to appeal to a larger customer base. Being the leader of our industry; 

Products: Plates, High Gloss, Furniture Accessories, Building Materials

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